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Certificates Unlimited in Tampa, Florida, is a customer service-based company. Our keys come in various styles, and have multiple industry use from the Automotive Industry to Commercial Housing to Banking. We have sold into many different industry sectors over the years, even for many Church & Charity Fundraising Events. To-date, we have sold in excess of 100 Million Keys. You can call and place your order with confidence knowing that we always have your desired products in stock.



Get the attention of potential buyers with imitation keys. Your future customers will open your direct mail piece
and engage with your call-to-action using house keys or car keys.

Key Styles

Our keys come in various styles for multiple industry use. We offer keys for the automotive industry, commercial housing, banking, and charity fundraising events. These are also perfect for homebuilders, credit unions, and car dealerships. Banks often send out mailers with keys to entice receivers to refinance or buy a mortgage. We have sold over 100 million keys to date.

SP-1 Key

keys for keymailers


Clear Packages


Bulk Orders

We sell keys in bulk. Each box contains about 2,000 pieces. We also do keys on rods.


Place your order before 12:00 p.m. and we can ship your keys out that day. We have on hand between three million to ten million keys at a time. Although we contract our own big trucking companies, we welcome your preferred delivery company. Please inquire for costs relating to delivery.


Our keys fit into the reservoir in the Patented Clear Plastic Mailer